UberWriter website upgrades – July 2014

At UberWriter we have been listening to our users and have a set of upgrades that have just been rolled out.  All of these changes came directly from feedback from you, our users.  Thank you, we are aiming to make UberWriter the best income analysis resource out there.  Let’s run through the recent changes.

Income Source View

The user interface for adding borrowers to a file and associating income sources with the borrower has been upgraded.  In the new design you can see all of the borrowers on the file (up to four), and all of the income sources each borrower has.  The old design only allowed you to see one borrower at a time.  We feel this is a big upgrade over the old design.

 Income Source View

Anonymous Borrowers

The default borrower names are now “Borrower One”, “Borrower Two”, and so on.  This keeps your borrower’s personal information secure.  For those users that want to customize the borrower names, that is available by clicking on the borrower name and editing the value.  We have also removed all of the personal information pertaining to the borrower address.  This information is not required to be entered any longer.

Actual Tax Years

We have replaced the column header text for Most Recent Year and Previous Year with actual tax years.  This applies to most income sources.


Non-VOE Data Entry

The data entry table for non-VOE borrowers has been upgraded to highlight only the required data.  The unrequired data is shown as grey.


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David Stamm
David is the lead software developer for UberWriter. He shares his 20 years of experience in operations and process in his blogs. His unique perspective from developing high security and safety critical software is applicable and relevant to the loan origination process.

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