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Typical underwriter training occurs in a conference room using slide presentations and a lecture.  This requires learners to memorize concepts until they are called on to use them on a real file.  What if it is days or weeks until they use that knowledge?  Will the knowledge still be there?

The agenda for the typical training session is fixed.  Each learner is at a different point in their career and each person will learn at a different pace.

Typical underwriting training decouples the learning from the doing which reduces effectiveness.


Make training on-demand and accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Make training self-paced.  Pause, rewind, repeat, or jump over sections.

Make training measurable by using testing.  Quantify your underwriters knowledge and proficiency.

Keep the training up to date with the latest guidelines and re-test learners to ensure they understand.

Merge the training with tools to make their job easier.


The first year is focused on training, and testing on all the learning modules.  Users have full access on day one to all training materials.  The training materials are organized into modules for easy access.  Some subjects may have one module, while more complex topics such as income may have more than a dozen.


Each training module has a set of randomized test questions.  The questions are designed to objectively assess your knowledge and capability.  We have hundreds of questions to ensure randomness.


People get rusty and forget.  So we keep people up to date with monthly webinars, updated training modules to reflect new guideline changes, and refresher testing.


A transcript describing all of the courses that were taken, test scores, and dates is collected for each student.  One-stop-shopping for training managers.

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Training is done at your own pace.  You can choose to complete it in a few weeks or you may take months to complete.

Training managers are set up as teachers on the site.  This role allows you to oversee the students, their progress, and test results.  Students can not see other students in the system.

You may take the tests as many times as needed.  The questions are randomized such that each test is unique.  The quantity of test attempts is noted on the transcript.

The testing portion of the program is to your advantage to ensure your understanding.  The exams are not required, however the transcript will only indicate the course completion dates.

The course is comprehensive and covers all of the technical aspects of mortgage underwriting.  The course does not cover specific training such as Loan Operating Systems, or topics that would be employer specific.

Renewal of your account keeps your transcript up to date and extends your access to the existing training material, monthly webinars, newsletter, as well as notifications of new training sessions and topics as guidelines change.

At this time the course does not count toward loan officer CE credit.

Renewal accounts are offered a discounted rate.  A small grace period is extended for renewals after which time reactivation of the training content will be at full price.  Your information will remain in the system along with your test scores and transcript data.

The training credit can be transferred to a new employee.

Monthly webinars are recorded and are accessible for 90 days.  Students will be notified when new webinars are available.

No.  The purpose of the webinar is to keep students current on rapidly changing topics and to provide a venue for direct Q & A.  Content covered in webinar will eventually become curriculum and part of the tests however.

UberWriter provides comprehensive on-demand underwriter training, not just training on income analysis.  We set up a process that goes from application through a 10 step process until you are ready to close.  We back up the training with testing, and a transcript so you can document your training program progress.