Top 5 things I learned at NAPMW

Over the last few months, my traveling schedule has been getting busier with more opportunities.  Personally, I love to get out of my normal environment and see new places and meet new people.  On April 5th and 6th I had the pleasure of attending the NAPMW conference […]

Let’s talk FHA rental income

Last week’s blog we went over the differences for self-employed borrower’s income calculations between FHA and the conventional loan programs from Fannie & Freddie Mac.  The article was well received, and we were able to get a good amount of feedback from the “pro-deduction” versus “anti-deduction” camps on why […]

Let’s talk FHA & self-employed borrowers!

One of the more challenging areas in building UberWriter is getting agreement from FHA DE’s on the details of determining self-employed income. I spent my career mainly working in the conventional, jumbo, and MI contractor worlds. In these positions, I have worked on numerous borrowers who have […]

A better residual income calculator

A few weeks back I read a quote on LinkedIn that was brilliant…  “The marketing draws your clients in, your craftsmanship keeps them” I personally have tried out many underwriting programs that have fantastic marketing, to only come to realize that the program itself did not quite […]

Biggest mistake made when using primary residence rental income

Over the last few days we have been putting the final touches on our 2018 underwriting training courses launching March 2nd.  While I was reviewing the rental income course I realized we did not provide enough information in one key area.  There is a difference for rental […]

FNMA does their own tax changes in 2018

Up til a few days ago working with a borrower on a conventional loan who has an active IRS repayment plan meant a decline was probably going to be the result from underwriting.  From time to time people underestimate their tax liability when April 15th rolls around […]

Big income calculations change for self-employed borrowers

Sometimes guideline changes can be hidden in plain sight.  While working on some training updates recently, one of those changes popped out at me, and these changes will be disruptive!. Remember when, a little over two years ago, Fannie Mae changed a rule relating to self-employed borrowers? […]

Will the new tax laws affect mortgage underwriting?

Welcome to our first blog of 2018, this marks our fourth year of creating content focused on the topic of mortgage underwriting!  There are many guideline changes already lined up at FHLMC alone, so this will be a busy first few weeks of 2018 with lots of […]

Should we reconsider Santa?

Many people reading this might be asking, “where is the latest mortgage underwriting topic?”   Since it is Christmas I am asking for a favor to take a blog-cation to share a Christmas thought I have had this year.   The topic I have been thinking about this Christmas season is, should we reconsider Santa?

Exclude borrower debt paid by others on FHLMC loans?

Off and on for the last few years I have been a volunteer financial coach at my church using the Financial Peace University program created by Dave Ramsey. This is a fantastic program that provides all you need to know about how to keep a “peaceful” balance of money in your life.