David Stamm

About David Stamm

David is the lead software developer for UberWriter. He shares his 20 years of experience in operations and process in his blogs. His unique perspective from developing high security and safety critical software is applicable and relevant to the loan origination process.

Let’s talk FHA rental income

Last week’s blog we went over the differences for self-employed borrower’s income calculations between FHA and the conventional loan programs from Fannie & Freddie Mac.  The article was well received, and we were able to get a good amount of feedback from the “pro-deduction” versus “anti-deduction” camps on why they calculated income using the process they advocated for, so thank you for all the feedback! Our next widely debated topic […]

Tree Trunks and Underwriting

Recently our family had a hard decision to make.  Do we cut down a 40 foot flowering cherry, or risk damage to our home.  When we moved into our home the previous owner had planted a beautiful flowering cherry at the corner of the house.  Every spring our front yard would be a showpiece as the flowering cherry would turn white for a few weeks. which is […]

Who’s the boss in underwriting?

Most Popular Income Type in the US In the world of underwriting the self-employed borrower gets a ton of attention.  If you ask for underwriting training, in most cases the majority of the time will be spent going over tax returns, 1088 forms, distributions, and cash flow analysis.  The complexity of the income calculations can get people very worked up in trying to understand how much this […]

Interview with Adam Lesner and Michael Whitbeck

Michael Whitbeck gets interviewed by Adam Lesner about Uberwriter.  Adam is a loan officer with Michigan First Mortgage and is an a passionate advocate for the borrower and devotes his website www.balancedprocess.com to the education and support of those seeking home financing.  Adam recently discovered UberWriter and interviewed Michael for his website.  See what others have to say about UberWriter.

The most under used income analysis calculators

Continuing on the excellence started by UberWriter, the team has added helpful calculators for Solvency, Comparative Income Analysis, LP Open Access, and Cash To Close.  These helpful calculators will save you time and money.  The best part, is that they are free to use.  No login required.  

UberWriter website upgrades – July 2014

At UberWriter we have been listening to our users and have a set of upgrades that have just been rolled out.  All of these changes came directly from feedback from you, our users.  Thank you, we are aiming to make UberWriter the best income analysis resource out there.  Let’s run through the recent changes. Income Source View The user interface for adding borrowers to a file and […]